Billy Beane understood the power of data; his success with sabermetrics sparked an arm's race in professional baseball.

Now, teams from all sports at every level of competition are asking how they too can use player data to make better coaching decisions. The answer is TRKR Labs. 

Our team of engineers and scientists spent more than 3.5 years and over 20,000 hours to create the most robust, best-in-class sports analytics platform on the market. Our process has already been battle-tested by hundreds of athletes across more than 200 professional games and practice sessions.

At TRKR Labs, we deliver incredibly powerful insights into elite performance in simple, easy to understand measures. We strive to provide the ultimate experience for all athletes, as well as the parents, coaches and fans who live for their success.

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I want everyone to get on board with this because this could wind up saving a lot of lives down the road. One of the things this new technology will do is that it will give more accurate information on what’s going on with an athlete. As of right now, not only will this better inform high schools, colleges and [professional] teams about the athlete but also help the athletes themselves.
— Mr. Herschel Walker, Special Advisor