Your coaching decisions are only as good as the data you work with. Using a variety of sensors, we collect streams of on-field and off-field data to provide unmatched insight into player performance.

Our reports present you with simple output scores that can be used to compare athletes, teams and even other sports. With TRKR you get a true 360-degree view of each athlete.    


Drive Perfect Practice Habits

Our proprietary software takes raw sensor data and creates a unique performance index for each player, presenting you with a single score for energy output. This true measure of player effort can help you drive better practice habits, every day.


Detect Health Issues Before They Happen

There are millions of sports-related concussions and cardiac failures per year and nearly 50% of athletes do not self-report symptoms. Our sensors and clinical tests detect abnormalities early and immediately alert you when there is an outsized chance of player risk, allowing you to augment your normal healthcare protocols and keep your players safe.


Know When Players Are Back To Full Health

Our historical trendline data lets you view historical athlete output & sleep quality, against recent performance, to make better decisions about game-day readiness.