The future of sports tech is in the RCT Sports Cloud

Billy Beane may have put sabermetrics on the map with the Oakland Athletics, but the next generation of sports analytics will go beyond EPA, PPG, and frankly even beyond the field of play.

Teams and athletes currently have available to them many devices, apps and other tech products that answer basic questions:

·  How fast is my star athlete running at this very moment?

·  What is the baseline heart rate for my skill players before the start of practice?

·  Should I start my star athlete for the game after reviewing last night’s sleep data?

Here’s the major issue: It’s nice to receive these various data points, but coaches and decision makers need One Platform to view all of this data in a simple, conclusive dashboard so they can make relevant game-changing decisions. In the absence of this One Platform, coaches and decision makers are operating on information overload comprised of incomplete information and non-scientific based assumptions.

This piecemeal approach to sports data is fast becoming ubiquitous – fitness wristbands, high-speed cameras, GPS trackers and more. The data collected by these items is useful only to a limited point, and can require taxing hours of compiling and analysis.

Enter the RCT Sports Cloud. Designed for all sports and levels of competition, athlete’s data from on-field and off-field activities is collected and securely stored in one place.  With the RCT Sports Cloud, we do the heavy lifting and automatically relate the data: Sleeping patterns can be tracked right next to heart rate and exercise capacity which are linked to sprint speed and effort data. RCT answers the deeper questions that matter:

·  Is your athlete not performing as well as last week because she’s not getting enough shuteye?

o Or is it because of that collision that took place in the game last Saturday?

o Or maybe her latest cardiovascular fitness test truly proved that her stamina levels are not as high as we expected?

Coaches and decision makers can run historical reports with a few mouse clicks, and we can integrate tracking data from potential recruits into the cloud to analyze how they would perform even before they put on the uniform. Utilize an environment that tracks all your team’s data from various sources and displays a centralized customizable dashboard.

As athletes become faster and stronger, every new measurable piece of information will change sport dynamics. Now, and in the future, having a complete sports console is necessary to truly act upon this new wealth of data.

Multiple Data Points. Multiple Seasons. ONE CLOUD.